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“The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share.” - Lady Bird Johnson

This month, April 2019, is the 49th Anniversary of Earth Month, a worldwide non-political organisation that was created to spread awareness and gather people together every year for a ‘Global Clean-Up’. Keeping our environment clean is of huge importance, especially in recent years. Whether it’s from running your own eco-friendly farms, switching from plastic straws to paper straws, doing charitable work and helping clean the rubbish in the ocean or just simply being eco-conscious, every little bit helps.

Here are some of our top eco-friendly hotels around the world that help do just that:

Desa Seni, A Village Resort - Bali, Indonesia

Situated on a tropical island in Bali lies the charming retreat of Desa Seni, A Village Resort. This eco-friendly sanctuary was built by locals from the ground up with recycled, repurposed and sustainable local products. They kept the lands natural structure and protected the environment around them during the build. The resort is made up of many authentic wooden homes that had been imported by the surrounding islands of Indonesia. Each individually decorated home is filled with antique artefacts that narrate the Bali culture and make you feel truly at one with the local community and surrounding nature.

Desa Seni supports their local communities and their economy, working with the local farmers and businesses and have set aside over 40% of their land to organic farming due to wanting to minimise the carbon footprint in their community. From organic and biodegradable cleaning products to rubbish composting and recycling to a sheet and towel re-use program, the resort is committed to contributing change to the world with every little thing they do.

Why not take a trip to this relaxing tropical retreat and take in the spiritual forces of their Merapu Svaasthya Spa through a mixture of traditional and modern therapies, designed to help rejuvenate the body and soul. Enjoy some of their fresh and locally grown Asian-Western cuisine in their in-house restaurant, and indulge in the magnificent garden setting.

Los Poblanos - Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, USA

Situated amongst 25 acres of beautiful lavender fields, gigantic cottonwood trees and ornate gardens, lies the magnificent historical property of Los Poblanos. Occupying its own active organic farm, Los Poblanos feature organic ingredients in their menus, prioritise water conservation and encourage guests to use the on-site bicycles to decrease emissions.

The goal for Los Poblanos is to help preserve the history and structure of the land. Their organic lavender farming enables them to further their preservation aim by balancing the rich agricultural history with environmental concerns such as water conservation and soil structure. Being driven by sustainability, their farming model and dedication to their nearly 100-year-old gardens is not only the importance of preserving the land but also growing fresh ingredients directly on the land and taken straight into the kitchen.

Formed of 50 enchanting guest rooms designed by John Gaw Meem, they follow the classic New Mexican style mixed with modernity. With bright white walls contrasting with earthy toned furniture, from rustic burning fireplaces to silver chandeliers, the relaxed atmosphere of Los Poblanos is the perfect intimate stay if you’re looking for comfort, nature, intimacy or an environmentally-friendly place to relax.

Enjoy the nothing but exquisite fresh local ingredients at their in-house fine dining restaurant, take home some of their locally sourced artisan lavender products and indulge in everything organic and natural.

Drake Bay Getaway - Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

The eco-luxury boutique hotel of Drake Bay Getaway is the perfect jungle escape. Their mission is centred on environmental sustainability and to protect the tropical Drake Bay jungle and the Pacific Ocean. Not only are they committed to mindful ecotourism, they are also committed to helping the environment locally, nationally and internationally! Situated in the Osa Peninsula (a protected area), protecting the spectacular variety of wildlife, intense biodiversity of the jungle and everything around the Drake Bay resort is their top priority.

Each guest who comes to stay at the resort is invited to their education program, consisting of free workshops on sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint, the conservation of energy, water usage, organic and non-organic products, and much more. Drake Bay Getaway has created an all-natural experience through their environment where you will feel at one with the rainforest and oceanic surroundings. They have achieved this by not providing any TV’s, air-conditioning, using local fresh produce and composting the food waste, 100% biodegradable water bottles, stainless steel straws, sustainable hydro, wind and thermo-generated electricity and it goes on…

As a commitment to their sustainability and eco-friendly goals, all the cabin suites are kept cool with all natural wooden floors and large patio doors that look out onto the incredible views. Enjoy the deliciously fresh ingredients at the famous Drake Bay Cafe, and indulge in the mixture of modern flavours of their traditional Costa Rican menu.

Masseria Susafa - Polizzi Generosa, Italy

Situated in the tranquil Sicilian countryside, Masseria Susafa is the perfect eco-chic retreat. With a vegetable and herb garden and 33 acres of olive orchard, Susafa offers an incredible sustainable cuisine. Using fresh organic ingredients from wild fennel to spinach and chard, indulge in the traditional local flavours of Il Granaio, their in-house restaurant.

Their sustainable production of high-quality extra virgin olive oil is well known at Masseria Susafa. Over ten years ago, the farm embraced organic farming and deeply focuses on the sensitivity and attention to the environment. By also growing their own fresh vegetables and herbs sustainably, they want to ensure the pure freshness and genuineness of the raw ingredients and flavours through their dishes.

This ancient stone family-run farmhouse has been passed down by over five generations. Keeping the strong rich heritage of Susafa, the thirteen rooms are set in former farm workers’ quarters, with exposed stone walls and wooden beams tastefully mixed with contemporary furnishings.

Embrace the tranquil surroundings of Masseria Susafa, indulge in the traditional locally sourced ingredients and take in the incredible views of the uncontaminated nature. And make sure you take home some of their famous fresh extra virgin olive oil with you!

Papaya Playa Project - Tulum, Mexico

“Sustainability means life for the future generations and the integrity for the current one” - Emilio Heredia, Project Director at Papaya Playa Project

Escape to the barefoot luxury of Tulum, Mexico, and reconnect yourself with nature at the enchanting Papaya Playa Project. The sustainable, rustic hotel is located on a 1,000-yard stretch private beach. Offering yoga, tai chi and meditation, this is a dream come true for the discerning, eco-conscious traveller with a thirst for peace and tranquillity.

Their mission to improve the natural surroundings around the resort, the local communities and themselves has been put into action with an ambitious sustainability and social responsibility project, to lead a more conscious operation to inspire others to do the same. Therefore, over four years ago, in 2015, they have nearly reached their goal to achieve a zero emissions and zero contamination community. They reduced their carbon emissions to almost 99% last year and have installed their “Green System” (solar energy system). The Papaya Playa Project hotel is very environmentally conscious and has transformed their drinking water to the latest eco-friendly technology, using less energy for processing compared to traditional systems.

Their foods are all locally grown in organic gardens and has an existing cashew nut orchard with over 150 banana and coconut trees, revitalising the soil naturally with micro-nutrients and organic fertilizers. Enjoy the delicious ingredients of the traditional Mexican cuisine in the in-house restaurant, and take in the panoramic beach views surrounding this magnificent eco-friendly barefoot luxury resort.

Gal Oya Lodge - Galgamuwa, Sri Lanka

Nestled amongst the 20 acres of a private jungle in Sri Lanka, lies the enchanting Gal Oya Lodge. Soak yourself in the local culture and discover the rich wildlife of Gal Oya, one of Sri Lanka’s most remote and least visited wilderness areas. Explore this ancient untouched land and reconnect yourself with nature and pure serenity.

Gal Oya Lodge is an exclusive eco-lodge that follows nature. Using sustainable and local materials to build the bungalows such as cajan, wood and illuk, they use appropriate technology and recyclables to preserve the water and energy of the land. Each one of their nine large bungalows and family villas are specially placed in areas with spectacular views, floor to ceiling glass windows and alfresco bathrooms. From handmade furniture made locally by village craftsmen to locally sourced ingredients, Gal Oya Lodge takes the desire to put nature first very seriously. They now have a wildlife training program and research facility to work with local protection organisations to help protect the wildlife.

Take a safari trip via boat, jeep or foot around the Gal Oya National Park and admire over 1000 different species of animals. From elephants to Sri Lankan leopards, saltwater crocodiles to snakes, large sloth bears to over 400 types of birds, this jungle escape will truly make you feel at one with wilderness.

Seehotel Ambach - Caldaro, Italy

Perched on the edge of Lake Caldaro lies the charming ambience of Seehotel Ambach, a conservation with a seventies vibe, clean-lined, geometrical architecture and refined man-made designs, offering an eco-conscious stay. Surrounded by reed vegetation and old grasslands, Seehotel resides on a nature reserve on the northeastern edge of Lake Caldaro, a wetland biotope with adjacent orchards. Bathe in the eco-lake, explore 11,000 square-metres of luscious Mediterranean gardens and venture further through the biotope garden to a new contemporary addition; a 250-square-metre bathhouse that blends seamlessly into the landscape, this is your very own sustainable gift of nature.

Step into the chic seventies rooms with wonderful lakeshore views, retro furniture and inspiring forces of nature. Graced by the stimulating location of the lake, enjoy the fresh ingredients from the garden at the Seehotel Ambach restaurant, offering luscious Mediterranean and Alpine flavours. Led by the gourmet chef, Albin Widmann, expect artistic dishes that utilise the best of ingredients from the South with the roots of South Tyrolean tradition.

Take a dip into their outdoor swimming pool and rejuvenate your senses in the bathhouse and sauna located in the biotope garden.

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Spa & Villas - Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Spa & Villas is the perfect mixture of sustainability and luxury. Nestled amongst lush tropical vegetation, this private chic sanctuary is located on the eastern coast of the archipelago of Tanzania’s beautiful Zanzibar. Their aim is to preserve and enhance the island’s environment, whilst building unobstructed architecture designed around the existing flora. This resort believes that luxury shouldn’t cost the earth and that high standards can be met whilst preserving the environment.

With strict policies within the resort such as recycling, growing their own organic fruit and vegetables in their plantation and composting food waste, indulge in these magnificently fresh ingredients in their restaurant Relais & Châteaux. Rejuvenate yourself in the resort’s spa, relax with the wide variety of treatments and be spoilt with the locally produced products that the therapists use from local communities, made from the local seaweed, coconuts and spices of Zanzibar.

From dreamy romantic beach-front villas and tranquil sustainable surroundings to incredibly fresh ingredients, Zanzibar White Sand is the perfect barefoot luxury.

Borgo di Carpiano - Umbria, Italy

Situated 12km away from the medieval town of Gubbio lies the restored tenth-century castle of Borgo di Carpiano. This chic escape had only been a pile of rocks for the last hundreds of years but has now been restored into an exclusive escape.

This eco-friendly hotel operates on a ‘zero miles’ food policy, where all their ingredients are grown and produced in their own organic garden. From typical Umbrian products to fresh vegetables, you must try their homemade extra virgin olive oil, it’s delicious! Dine in their wooden awning in-house restaurant, taste the homemade bread and cakes every morning and enjoy only the highest quality of organic ingredients here at [Borgo di Carpiano](( and their delicious local specialities.

Think thick medieval walls, terracotta floors, wooden beams and Italian hardwood furniture, this restored castle is the perfect eco-escape. Take a dip into their salt-water infinity pool, admire their olive trees on the rolling hills and stroll through their enchanting forestry.

“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make.” —Jane Goodall

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