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Seehotel Ambach

South Tyrol, Italy

A preservation of the nostalgic ambience of the seventies melded with clean-lined, geometrical architecture, places Seehotel Ambach in charming radiation on the northern shore of Lake Caldaro. Visionary, Othmar Barth, has masterfully crafted a space that weaves together the delights of nature and refined man-made design. Since its renovation to introduce twenty-first-century comforts, the soul of the house continues to be felt throughout; a satisfying seventies array retaining its original allure. As the hoteliers intended, imagine you are the captain of your very own ship.

Seventies Spirit

Each of the buildings perched at the edge of Lake Caldaro craft a story of the joys of living, of coming home, of arriving at a safe haven. This is more than just a hotel, this is a place that transforms into your space of dwelling.

The Location

On the northeastern edge of Lake Caldaro, Seehotel Ambach resides on a nature reserve, a wetland biotope with adjacent orchards. This is your very own sustainable gift of nature; bathe in the eco-lake, explore 11,000 square-metres of luscious Mediterranean gardens or venture further through the biotope garden to a new contemporary addition; a 250-square-metre bathhouse that blends seamlessly into the landscape.

The Rooms

Step into heavenly 1970s chic rooms, all overlooking the wonderful lakeshore. Refined seventies details, from the choice of armchairs, spaghetti garden chairs to retro lamps, every feature has been designed with Othmar Barth's influence in mind, reflecting the inspiring forces of nature.

Nibbles & Tipples

Graced by the stimulating location of the lake, the Seehotel Ambach restaurant harvests fresh ingredients from the garden, offering delicate Mediterranean and Alpine flavours. Led by gourmet chef, Albin Widmann, expect artistic dishes that utilise the best of ingredients from the South with the roots of South Tyrolean tradition.

From your personal terrace overlooking Lake Caldaro, lush park areas, shady sunbathing sweet spots, sunny meadow areas and two private bathing jetties, the places to relax and unwind are seemingly endless. All offer distinctively different but equally enriching perspectives of the lake amongst the peaks of the Trentino-Alto Adige.

God is in the details

Endless spaces for retreat and inspiration characterise your stay at Seehotel. Every single space is designed to open your eyes to the beauty of nature and lead you to the lake. Terraces that reward you with vistas of the lake, majestic mountains and luxurious vegetation, floor to ceiling glass windows and white loggias; this retreat is an immaculate oasis, like you're docked at your very own ship in the harbour.


Campi Al Lago 3
South Tyrol - Italy

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