Holiday Destinations in 2022: Discover the 10 Best Places to Travel with HIP Hotels

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If there’s one thing that hasn’t faltered during these uncertain times, it’s the desire to travel. Whilst the pandemic still isn’t quite over yet, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel and much hope on the horizon for 2022.

As we all know, current travel takes a little more time and preparation. Many of us have been spending our time planning our adventures for the coming year, looking to tick off destinations off our bucket lists and searching for some more travel inspiration. Here at HIP Hotels, we’ve not only been truly grateful for each and every one of you for keeping your spirits during this unprecedented time, but we continue to be extremely delighted to reignite that wanderlust we all have within us. This is why we’ve decided to put together a list of some of our favourite destinations we wish to revisit in the coming year, to help inspire your future travel plans. From the stunning shores of Seminyak in Bali, to the rolling hills of Tuscany, discover these magnificent HIP Hotels in these stunning locations and plunge into a once-in-a-lifetime trip next year. So what are you waiting for? Bring on travel in 2022!

Alila Seminyak (Bali, Indonesia)

Possibly one of the most incredible and paradisal places on Earth, Bali is one of those destinations that invokes wanderlust in all of us. Bali is a nature lover's utopia full of glistening beaches, lush terraced rice fields, rainforest-like topography, dramatic volcanoes, magnificent temples, and so much more. This is a place where you can indulge in the true meaning of peace and tranquility – it comes to no surprise that it’s also known as the Land of the Gods. Dramatic sights on this Indonesian island is just the beginning. Bali is not only a place to relax, explore and immerse yourself in the Balinese way of life, but it’s also a true divers and surfer’s paradise. Absorb that vitamin sea and discover the breathtaking underwater world that surrounds the islands. Whatever you choose to do, this exotic island is guaranteed to inspire and win the hearts of each and every traveller that steps foot inside.

Perfectly nestled on an 8km unspoiled beach, be prepared to submerge yourself in the blissful environment that Alila Seminyak so wonderfully emanates. This jaw-dropping resort was designed to marry the natural surroundings with a blend of contemporary aesthetic, wall-hugging plants, landscaped terraces and green roofs. Alila also has incorporated strict eco-friendly policies within its design, to ensure it continues to minimise its environmental footprint, with the use of local building materials, energy and resource-efficient systems.

From its soul-soothing vibes and chocolate-hued wood interiors, to its floor to ceiling windows and private ocean-front balconies that provide alluring views over the sea, enjoy some delicious local cuisine at the all-day dining Seasalt restaurant as you look out onto the glimmering ocean that’s right by your feet. Be spoiled for choice with some exclusive bespoke treatments at the Spa Alila, which will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. Take a dip in one of their many infinity pools and enjoy a cocktail or two poolside. And be sure to embark on a full-day excursion, where you uncover the island’s best-kept secrets, most incredible sights and its hidden gems. Whether you’ve come to Bali to relax, explore or to enjoy its incredible nightlife, Alila Seminyak is the place to be.

Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 (Florence, Italy)

Florence is not only a city filled with art, history and culture, but it’s the cradle of the Renaissance, a beacon to art lovers everywhere. Romantic and truly inspiring with every corner telling a thousand tales, this Italian city was sure to make our list on destinations to travel to in 2022. Its narrow cobbled streets are decorated with a feast of 15th and 16th-century palazzos, chic boutiques, Florentine goldsmiths and stunning museums that are decorated with paintings and sculptures from the likes of Botticelli and Michaelangelo. Let’s not forget Florence is also home to the mouthwatering Tuscan cuisine, which will unquestionably excite and delight your palate.

If you’re searching for the perfect place that exhibits the wonderment of Florence, look no further than Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1. Once a medieval tower from the year 1200, feel on top of the world at this exclusive boutique hotel. Overlooking the Arno River and the Ponte Santa Trìnita, just steps away from all the other enchanting landmarks, be mesmerised by the one-of-a-kind views from the top of the hotel. Formed of stunning rooms and suites that are filled with high ceilings, fine antiques, warm colour palettes and stunning views over the city, the personalised take on the Florentine style is truly inspiring. Make your way up to the hotel’s Duomo terrace and satisfy your senses with some delicious local cuisine – ‘Restaurant The Tower’ is a space that mirrors and diffuses the beauty and purity of the surrounding city. A trip to Florence and a stay at Antica Torre di Via Tornabuoni 1 will give you memories that last you a lifetime and ensure that you never want to leave!

Bellonias Villas (Santorini, Greece)

Escape to the beautiful Greek island of Santorini and rediscover the inner explorer you have within. A place full of dramatic cliffs that was a result of one of the world’s largest volcanic eruptions, which caused Santorini's centre to sink into the Aegean Sea, leaving behind a caldera, the appearance of these rocky calderas that are now adorned with white-washed houses, blue-domed churches and winding cobblestone streets – a trademark of the island. It comes to no surprise that Santorini is one of the world’s most photogenic destinations!

A stay at Bellonias Villas will immerse you in the true beauty and vastness of Santorini. You can literally roll out of bed and right onto a sunbed on the black sands beach of Kamari. A tranquil refuge perfectly placed away from the bustling tourist attractions, Bellonias Villas is the ultimate beach paradise to soak up the serene atmosphere of Santorini. The 26 villa suites featuring modern interiors, pressed cement floors and colourful touches are sophisticated, elegant and anything but boring, and are complemented by the island's shoreline views. Tantalise your tastebuds at the Elia Restaurant and enjoy the eccentric and deliciously fresh Greek flavours, whilst you indulge in the warm hues of the sunsetting on the Aegean Sea. Sail around the island and take in the stunning sights and sounds that surround you, take a dip in the sea-front pool and soak up the chilled-out atmosphere of Santorini here at Bellonias Villas.

Canal House (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

If you’re looking for the perfect city break, Amsterdam offers a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. Filled with stunning canals, 17th-century architecture, gorgeous boutiques and bookshops, cultural richness and home to some of the most incredible museums; Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank’s House and Van Gogh museum, wander through the cobblestone streets, take a bicycle down the canals and discover the city’s best kept secrets.

Gracing one of the most famous canals in Amsterdam, the Keizersgracht Canal in the Jordaan neighbourhood, the aptly named Canal House offers all who stay an unforgettable boutique luxury. Spread across three historic properties, this former merchant's house will make your trip as stylish and comfortable as possible. Formed of 23 individually decorated rooms, Canal House brings Dutch art and history into the 21st-century with admirable contemporary flair. Embrace its rich purple and black colour palettes, delicious daily breakfasts and its ideal proximity to the hidden gems of the capital. Everything about this stunning boutique offers bundles of character; from unique artworks and silk wallpapers, to plush velvet curtains and a fine collection of furnishings.

Casa Turquesa Maison d'hôtes (Paraty, Brazil)

Having received the UNESCO title of ‘Heritage of Humanity’ and ‘Gastronomy Creative City’, due to its focus on environmentally-friendly processes based on its biodiversity, the town of Paraty is one of Brazil’s best hidden gems. Nestled in between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, this charming little town is one of our must-see destinations for 2022. Backed by a series of magnificent mountains, irresistible coastlines and well-preserved Portuguese colonial architecture, Paraty is perfect for both the culture and nature seekers. It was once a gold port back in the 1600s and is now one of the most beautiful wonders of South America. Explore the winding streets that are filled with whitewashed buildings with splashes of bright colours, indulge in the unique combination of history and natural beauty and be inspired by the charming fishermen boats that surround you.

Combining mountains, sun, sea and rich culture, Casa Turquesa Maison D´Hôtes offers a warm and welcoming environment. A luxury boutique hotel in a restored colonial mansion, Casa Turquesa offers guests the perfect blend of new and old. It’s perfectly nestled in the heart of Paraty and looks over the town’s historic port, providing unparalleled views of the charming town. Home to just nine individually decorated suites with a vibrant colour scheme, owner Tete aims to provide each guest with the most personalised and intimate stay. Take a dip in the hydromassage pool, enjoy a glass of wine or two in the decadent garden courtyard and indulge in the turquoise colour schemes and intricate details that surround you.

Hacienda de Abajo (La Palma Island, Spain)

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, for good reason. It has it all: great food, fun people, storied history and amazing cities. But if there’s one place in Spain that’s on our list of locations to travel to in 2022, it’s the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, also known as ‘Isla Bonita’. Located off the northwestern coast of Africa, you’ll be afforded stunning panoramic views across the crystal-clear ocean and plantations, forests that cover the sides of steep ravines and an incredible culture. The volcanic nature of the island has not only created the most dramatic landscapes, but makes for the perfect backdrop for your next travel adventure. Hike through the variety of lush pine and coastal cliffs, wander along La Palma’s abrupt coastlines, explore the breathtaking underwater world and tease your palette with delicious local cuisine.

Nestled within the historicity of Tazacorte, a stunning town in La Palma, Hotel Hacienda Abajo is a loving rehabilitation and homage to its colourful past as an old sugar plantation estate, with vast panoramas across the ocean and banana plantations. Subtly luxurious rooms and suites are filled with statement pieces, spaced are brimming with museum-worthy artwork, gilded furnishings, lavish chandeliers and reclaimed wooden doors; the adults-only hotel restores its historical heritage in a contemporary display of beauty. What was once the esteemed property of the noble family of the House of Sotomayor Topete, Hacienda de Abajo now offers guests an exquisitely hospitable and refined stay. Relax in the ancient flora and fauna that reflect the former orchards of the European gardens, relax in the outdoor heated pool and enjoy some mouthwatering innovative flavours at the hotel restaurant, El Sitio. Whatever your desire, Hacienda de Abajo is also a true gift for walkers and stargazers alike!

Jashita Tulum (Mexico, Tulum)

A place full of untouched white sands, well-preserved ruins, unparalleled views of the crystal clear ocean waters and the tranquil sounds of the balmy breeze, Tulum is arguably one of the most incredible places to visit in Mexico. Presenting both an ancient history and a tropical paradise, Tulum offers a wonderful mix of things to do and see, suitable for whichever type of holiday escape you seek. But it’s certainly Tulum’s spectacular coastline that attracts so many people to its shores! Feel the sand beneath your feet, discover the ancient Mayan civilization that surrounds the area and explore this ancient walled city that sits so perfectly on a rocky cliff, overlooking the turquoise Caribbean waters.

Jashita Tulum offers barefoot luxury at its best. Providing access to a lesser-known part of Mexico’s Rivièra Maya, this eco-friendly oasis presents the perfect desert-island feel that we’ve all been longing for throughout these uncertain times. This is a place where laidback luxury is the name of the game. Spend your days enveloping your senses with basking in the sun amid the sea breeze, kayaking or paddle boarding without a care in the world and regenerate the mind, body and soul with some morning yoga amongst the jungle treetops. Ranging from stunning suites and private villas, with natural interiors that reflect the surrounding region so beautifully, Jashita Tulum’s sun-filled spaces will only make you fall even further in love with this destination!

La Bandita Townhouse (Tuscany, Italy)

Home to more UNESCO sights than the populous nations of South Africa, Argentina and Australia, Tuscany is the perfect destination for those looking for a scenic getaway. Not only is the breathtaking scenery truly outstanding, but this Italian region provides travellers with the most incredible culinary experience. Escape the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and wander through wonderful vineyards and olive groves, get to know the locals, and explore the wealth of culture, captivating heritage and distinct landscapes that are ready and waiting for you to discover.

A former convent perfectly nestled in Tuscany’s humble village of Pienza, La Bandita Townhouse is a loving acknowledgement to the heritage of this Tuscan town. Providing some of the most beautiful landscapes and medieval passages right on their doorstep, the crisp colours, rich design, exposed stone walls within the twelve charming guest rooms make the space even more magical. Be charmed by the friendliness of the locals who will guide you through the historical stories of the region, indulge in the freshest of local ingredients at The Townhouse Cafe, a delightfully intimate restaurant in the hotel where you can experience the essence of Italian cuisine, and enjoy a glass of local wine inside the walled medieval garden at nightfall whilst you let the charm of Tuscany’s region captivate you.

R INN NAPA (California, USA)

Versatile, charming and utterly magnificent, California is an iconic destination to travel to in 2022. Boasting an outstanding array of wonders to explore; from the Golden Coast and its vast national parks such as Yosemite and Death Valley, to the emblematic neighbourhood of Hollywood and its star-studded Walk of Fame, California is a true treasure trove. Embark on a road trip and explore its scenic beauty, rugged terrain, surrounding mountains and lakes, and be inspired by its laid back attitude to life. Whatever your desire, California has it all.

Make your way to downtown Napa and discover one of the most stylish stays. R INN NAPA is a historic building that was masterfully converted into a vibrant boutique hotel, and is perfect for urban travellers with an eye for design. Filled with unique artworks, fine design details, modern furnishings and sleek interiors, guests are welcomed with open arms to enjoy the perfect home-away-from-home experience. Formed of ten beautifully-decorated rooms and five loft suites, wind down in the stylish common rooms, relax in the breathtaking open-air courtyard, and open up a complimentary bottle of wine that’s waiting for you in your room for when you arrive. Come for the location and stay for the truly sublime atmosphere you’ll uncover here at R INN NAPA.

Sans Souci Wien (Vienna, Austria)

Did you know Vienna was named the world’s most livable city? Make sure you make a trip to this gorgeous historical centre and explore its unique charm. Filled with artistic streets and imperial architecture, outstanding musical heritage and enchanting treasures within every corner, Vienna inspires each and every traveller that enters. Not to mention it’s also home to the iconic historical musicians such as Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. Wander down the Danube River, enjoy some spectacular performances at the Staatsoper Opera House, explore some masterpiece-filled museums such as the Kunsthistorisches or the Leopold Museum, and tantalise your tastebuds with some tasty local delicacies within the Naschmarkt stalls.

Retreat to the artistic wonder of Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, and uncover the Sans Souci lifestyle. An urban retreat designed by the great minds behind YOO, including the trailblazer Philippe Starck, Sans Souci Wien is a place where history meets contemporary luxury in perfect harmony – it’s a quintessential artistic stay. Located in Vienna’s 7th district, you’ll be ideally placed in the hub of artistry and surrounded by a plethora of museums, theatres, restaurants and bars to explore. Be inspired by the elegant furnishings and sleek design that fill the 63 individually designed rooms, indulge in the calming hues of purple and lilac that are threaded throughout the hotel and enjoy its eclectic atmosphere. After a day of exploring this cultural city, dine at the hotel’s restaurant, Veranda, and enjoy some traditional Austrian dishes that are made from only the best organic, regional and seasonal products from local farmers and suppliers. If you’re looking for some exclusive downtime, unleash your inner zen at the hotel spa and watch your everyday worries float away.

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