The Best Solo Travel Destinations


“Not all those who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Whether you’re an avid solo traveller who loves their own company, searching for a long weekend break for some alone time or wishing to ‘find yourself’ with no return ticket booked, travelling solo is arguably one of the most rewarding things someone can do. However, planning a holiday alone and putting that plan into action can seem daunting and a little nerve racking. On top of that, having to meticulously pick the destinations you want to go to can prove to be a pretty tricky feat too, even if you have a rough idea of some of the countries you wish to explore.

Do I need any visas or vaccinations to visit this country? What if I go somewhere and no one speaks my language? I’m a vegetarian, how will I eat? Will I meet other travellers like me that will want to do similar things? All these questions may arise and are perfectly normal. Fear not! As long as you have all the legal requirements to enter a country (if necessary), and you’ve made a rough plan of the areas and things you wish to do, you’re good to go! Remember, plans will change, there will be some language barriers and everywhere is different, so keep your wits about you when travelling alone and keep your belongings safe; just remember to indulge in this magnificent adventure you’re about to embark on — whether that be physically, emotionally or spiritually.

From the multicultural and magical landscapes of Vietnam to the Scandi-cool city of Copenhagen, open your mind and allow us inspire you with some of the best solo travel destinations.


Best For: Self-Reflection

Calling all spiritual travellers, yoga enthusiasts, nature lovers, avid surfers and adventurers. If there’s one place to pack up your bags for and escape to, it’s Indonesia’s magical Bali. Known for its long stretches of golden beaches, dramatic jungle valleys, hidden glittering waterfalls, ancient temples and so much more, Bali truly is paradise on earth that’s enough to invoke wanderlust in all of us — all on one island, the Island of Gods!

There’s not that much encouragement needed when thinking about travelling to Bali. All you need to do is just read one page from the famed Eat, Pray, Love and you’d find yourself booking the next flight within 10 minutes of reading! If you are looking for a place to do some serious soul-searching and exploring, there really is no better place to completely switch off and dive into self-exploration than here. It’s even been voted as the world’s favourite travel destination — that must count for something, right?

As a place filled with spiritual serenity, you’re spoilt for choice with the amount of things to do here as a solo traveller. Visit the calming sanctuary of Hanging Gardens of Bali for a relaxing yoga retreat amongst the gorgeous jungle preserve overhanging the glistening Ayung River; wander through the royal water temple of Pura Taman Ayun, the history of the ancient kingdom of Mengwi and indulge in the Lotus-blossoms that fill the pools around you; rejuvenate the body and soul whilst you bathe in the sacred waters of Tirta Empul; uncover the hidden waterfalls of Sekumpul; and discover the marvelous underwater gems of Tulamben’s Coral Garden — it’s utterly spectacular!

If you want to truly experience the travels of Elizabeth Gilbert (from Eat, Pray, Love), take some time exploring the enchanting town of Ubud. Regarded as the cultural heartland of Bali, Ubud is just one of those places you can fall in love with the moment you step foot within its borders. From its gorgeous rolling rice paddy fields and its welcoming locals, to the 600-plus band of long-tailed Balinese macaques in their natural habitat (the Ubud Monkey Forest), this place really is the spiritual hub of Bali – perfect for those looking to reconnect their minds, bodies and souls.

Handy Tip: Make sure you learn some local Indonesian words — it’ll get you a long way!

Recommendation: If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, hike up to the top of Mount Batur and watch the sunrise above the magnificent mist-shrouded mountains, breathing in the freshness of the Balinese air.


Best For: Beaches & Road Trips

Possibly one of the most popular places for solo travellers to visit, down under truly is a fantastic place to explore alone. With its glorious beaches, marvellous natural wonders, incredible wildlife and diverse landscapes, there’s just so much to see, so you better start packing your bags!

Although the entire planet has been completely bewildered by the devastating Australian bushfires, there’s no better time to visit than now; help the local communities, visit the picturesque country towns and travel responsibly — every little helps.

Travelling literally to the other side of the world completely alone can seem a little intimidating. However, there is that certain level of comfort knowing that it’s an English speaking country, so you won’t really have any language barriers, apart from the odd misunderstanding of a thick Aussie accent here and there. Fear not, Aussies are super friendly and are more than happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have throughout your trip. It’s also a very safe place to go — just make sure you keep in mind its infamy for deadly animals!

There’s so many things to do in this awe-inspiring country. Whether you’re looking to learn how to surf on Bondi Beach, climb up Cradle Mountain, explore the gorgeous natural wildlife, indulge in the surrounding wide open spaces or visit some local wineries (Australians take their wine very seriously), each day you will bump into other solo travellers like you wherever you go. So if you’re looking to make friends, why not alter your plans for a few days and join others to create your solo adventures together!

Discover the ancient limestone pillars in Western Australia’s Pinnacles Desert, hire a car and drive along the stunning Great Ocean Road, explore the magnificent underwater world by diving through the Great Barrier Reef, wander through Wendy’s Secret Garden that’s built over an abandoned train yard and take in the gorgeous views of Sydney Harbour, and make your way through the rainforest to the mountain village of Kuranda on the impressive Kuranda Scenic Railway — the views are incredible! Whatever you choose to do, Australia truly is the perfect place to embark on a solo travel adventure.

If you’re looking to enjoy some downtime, make your way to the idyllic blue coastlines of Byron Bay and check in to the elegant Bask & Stow. Or, if you’re down south near Melbourne, take some time to relax and expose your senses to complete natural luxury at Dayleford’s Lake House, home to pristine waterfalls and Australia’s largest mineral springs.

Handy Tip: As Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, be prepared that it does take a bit of time to travel around. So if you’re looking to really explore this wondrous place, a short stay isn’t the best option!

Recommendation: Make sure you visit the red dirt of the Australian outback, Uluru. Home to the World Heritage Site of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the rich culture and sublime art installations is just the beginning for making a trip to Northern Australia worthwhile.


Best For: Getting Lost In The Wild

Oh, Canada! Known for its majestic landscapes, sky-high mountains, dazzling glaciers, extensive beaches, seriously friendly people and of course, it’s tasty maple syrup, Canada is the perfect place for a solo traveller at any time of the year (depending on what kind of weather takes your fancy). If you love the outdoors, there really is no better place to travel than here.

Canada is the second largest country in the world and is definitely one of the most beautiful. However, because of its size, it can be a little tricky knowing exactly where to start. So, let us inspire you!

If you’re looking to throw yourself in at the deep end, escape to Canada’s first national park where you’ll be surrounded by rugged beauty. Nestled in the province of Alberta, Banff is a true hikers paradise. Get your hiking boots on, up your Instagram game and discover the biodiversity that surrounds you; canoe down the pristine Lake Louise, explore the endless hiking trails, be inspired by the glittering glaciers and breathe in that true Canadian fresh air. Looking for some more solitude? Travel to Winnipeg, Mannitoba in the warmer months, take a little road trip and do some paddling in the thousands of lakes. You may be lucky and even catch the summer Fringe Festival! Sound like too much solitude for one trip? Why not travel up to Quebec and discover the true essence of Europe and North America in one place. The people are friendly, the architecture is spectacular and it’s pretty easy to travel around.

The list of things to do in Canada can be endless. However, whether you’re an outdoors adventurer or an art fanatic, there’s no better place to get lost and truly reconnect with nature as a solo traveller than in Canada – ey? Except maybe look out for the bears!

Handy Tip: Regardless of the time of year you travel, make sure you pack appropriately. The climates here are ever changing!

Recommendation: Travel west and explore British Columbia's Victoria. A place you can explore by foot or bike, feel like you’ve been transported to a place from a storybook in downtown and indulge in all the colourful Victorian buildings and floral hanging baskets.


Best For: Adventure

A place where adventure lies in wait around every corner, visit the magical country of Vietnam. Just like the rest of Southeast Asia, Vietnam is one of the safest places to travel alone. If you haven’t already spent months and months on end planning what you’re going to do in this wonderful country, let us help you with a little inspiration…

Boring legal requirements aside, travelling to Vietnam is possibly one of the most adventurous yet culturally shocking experiences you will likely experience as a solo traveller. From tracking around the awe-inspiring rice terraces of Sa Pa nestled in the Hoàng Liên Son Mountains, to wandering through the chaotic yet charming old quarter of Hanoi, travelling solo within this vast country will certainly be one of the most rewarding things you’ll do. You’ll also meet all sorts of other travellers from around the world along your journey, taste some delicious foods such as Pho and Banh Mi from street vendors, indulge in some otherworldly landscapes, be made to feel right at home in the middle of Southeast Asia far away from your cosy one bed apartment in West London by the welcoming locals, and possibly find out a lot more about yourself than you originally realised.

Take the time to visit Halong Bay, a collection of over 2000 limestone islands covered in lush vegetation and mystical waterfalls, explore the surrounding caves and fisherman boats, and discover the gorgeous emerald green waters that place you in the most magical landscape; explore the bustling city of Hanoi and be sure to venture outside the tourist traps of the centre; learn how to ride a motorbike and take a 3/4 day adventure around the majestic landscapes of Ha Giang and discover the ancient towns of Hoi An and be inspired by the colourful lantern-lit skies that surround you. Here in Vietnam, you’re never short of anything to do as a solo traveller.

From trekking up to the highest peak of Fansipan, soaring over 3,100 metres, to haggling your way through the French colonial landmarks of Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon), escaping to Vietnam is way more than just a holiday, it’s a breathtaking adventure you’ll never want to end.

Handy Tip: Make sure you get your 30 or 90 day visa and all your vaccinations before you travel!

Recommendation: Be sure to visit the gorgeous sand dunes in Mũi Né, located south of Vietnam — the red coloured hues are truly inspirational. Make sure you bring your camera!


Best For: New Challenges

If conquering some new challenges sounds like your cup of tea, there’s no better place to travel through than South America. With sky-piercing mountains to climb, colourful festivals to attend, ancient ruins to discover, magnificent rainforests to explore and world-class culture to indulge in, this spectacular continent is a better place for solo travel than you might have first thought. There’s so much more here than just Rio’s vibrant Carnival, sleepy beach shacks in Brazil’s Bahia and notorious nightlife — it’s a place that will continually amaze you with every corner you turn.

Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia… where to even start? Navigating around South America solo could be a little tricky, but with a little extra planning there are many ways to get round. For those worrying about how to travel, be sure to follow other individuals and get onto the well-worn Gringo Trail. Encompassing some of the most popular destinations along one long road, from central Mexico to the peaks of Patagonia, this is the best way to start your adventure of new challenges. Hike through the ancient temples of Peru and up to the Andes Mountains and discover the awe-inspiring Incan citadel of Machu Picchu. Wander through the misty waterways and jungle foliage of the Amazon Rainforest and uncover the unrivaled diversity of remarkable animal species. Bring up the Spanish heat and spend your days indulging in some serious feasting, learning how to Tango with the locals on the streets and experiencing the jaw-dropping sights of the Iguazú Falls in Argentina. Then, take some downtime in Colombia by exploring the colourful cobbled colonial communities in Cartagena and relax on some of their most pristine white beaches.

If you’re into wine, be sure to head south from Santiago and taste some delicious wines at the magnificent Vik Chile. From spectacular architecture to surrounding mountains and valleys, there’s no better stop off for both wine and nature lovers than here.

Although there’s so much to explore in South America, don’t let the size of the place intimidate you. From taking the road alone to joining others like you along the way, a solo trip to this breathtaking continent will challenge you and leave you feeling more inspired.

Handy Tip: Even though you’ll learn some on the way, make sure you brush up on some useful Spanish words that will help you throughout your trip!

Recommendation: If you’re looking for something very challenging, be sure to bike through Bolivia’s Death Road — it’s absolutely terrifying but exhilarating at the same time!


Best For: Thrill Seekers

What better way to seek a thrilling travelling experience than taking a trip to one of the world’s most volcanically active places in the world? Although Iceland is known for being endlessly covered in snow and ice, below the surface, it’s a completely different story. Volcanic eruptions aside, Iceland is possibly the safest place to travel alone in the world.

If you love the outdoors and don’t mind the cold climate, pack your bags and start your solo adventure in the North Atlantic Ocean. From caves and volcanoes to northern lights and geothermal spas, no wonder Iceland is one of the top destinations for solo travellers.

First things first, wherever you travel to in this country, make sure Reykjavík is your home base. Known as the capital of Iceland and where the majority of its population lives, most public transport starts from here. But where to start exploring? With incredibly spectacular landscapes surrounding you at every turn, explore the collection of breathtaking waterfalls; falling anything from 9ft to over 100ft! If you travel in the summer, dance through the thousands of mini rainbows that the two-tiered Gullfoss waterfall creates throughout its misty waters, but make sure you cover your camera lens! Feel like you’re stepping into a complete fairytale and bathe in the famous Blue Lagoon hot springs; hike into a colourful icy world and explore the depths of the everchanging Vatnajökull Glacier; and of course, the star of the show, catch the kaleidoscope of colours in complete darkness and take in the otherworldly views of the Northern Lights where you’ll truly feel like you’ve stepped onto another planet. If you’ve had enough hiking and exploring for a while, paint central Reykjavík red with the locals and head out to some of their top bars with live music and a lot of dancing.

Waterfalls, colourful Northern Lights, majestic caves, blue lagoons and so much more… Can you think of a better place to travel solo? We can’t.

Handy Tip: Make sure you plan ahead and book things in advance, otherwise they’ll get booked up in seconds.

Recommendation: Live a little and why not do some scuba diving in the Silfra Fissure? It’s utterly breathtaking!


Best For: Scandi Cool

If there’s one place in Europe to visit alone where you will constantly feel mesmerised and completely safe, it’s Copenhagen. Welcoming all its travellers with brightly-coloured contemporary architecture, a calming canal full of beautiful old boathouses, quaint boutiques and Danish cafes, Copenhagen truly is one of the best European cities for solo travel. It was even voted Lonely Planet’s Top City To Visit back in 2019, so all the more reason to visit in this new decade!

This colourful capital of Denmark is filled with many activities to create the perfect itinerary, whether you’re looking to explore the city solo or meet other like-minded travellers. Feel like a local and rent yourself a bike; cycling around Copenhagen is easy-peasy as they’ve got many dedicated areas for cyclists, and is probably the best way to swiftly get from A to B whilst taking in all the gorgeous surroundings. If you’re into art, culture and delicious foods, make your way to the Refshaleøen, the city’s busiest neighbourhood island, and wander around the flea markets and the creative installations in the Copenhagen Contemporary — possibly the trendiest place to be. Get away from the tourist traps and wander through charming cobbled streets; find yourself surrounded by over 13,000 plant species in the gorgeous Botanical Garden, and indulge in the colourful butterflies.

World-class museums, picture-postcard canal fronts, winding cobbled streets, colourful artwork and lots of remarkable parks, you’re never short of anything to do in Copenhagen. If you’re looking to make some friends, head out to some of the most trendy bars or cosy pubs to meet other solo travellers!

Handy Tip: If you’re planning on visiting a lot of museums and galleries, make sure you buy a Copenhagen Card – not only does it give you access to free public transport, but it also gives you free entry to many attractions.

Recommendation: If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, grab yourself a kayak and cruise Copenhagen’s harbour — a truly unique way of getting around the city. Just make sure you don’t fall in!

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