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Villa Cella Bella

Bali, Indonesia

Famed for the making of its lavish flower pool, Villa Cella Bella is situated off the beaten path in the middle of the jungle in downtown Ubud, a welcome retreat away from the business of the town. Wake up to breathtaking panoramic views of the vibrant jungle, river valley and waterfalls that run tranquilly in the distance and embrace the beauty of this heaven on Earth. 180 degrees of breathtaking views are made all the more magical when lounging in the netted canopy or from the edge of the infinity pool.

Refreshing Balinese Jungle Paradise

This five-star accommodation is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, greeting you on your first day with the sound of cicadas and the smell of incense. The wonderfully natural environment means you're continually connected to the organic ebb and flow of the jungle that surrounds you.

The Location

Approximately a 15-minute drive from the centre of Ubud, known as the artistic and cultural heart of the Island of Gods, Ubud's cultural scene has grown in popularity in recent years. From famous yoga shalas, world-class dining, exquisite art galleries, crafts markets, museums and a wealth of other delights to ignite the senses.

The Rooms

Housing four villa rooms, including everything from a waterfall shower amongst the jungle foliage to a private breakfast balcony with the best views of the jungle, Villa Cella Bella is a haven of spaces that promote utter tranquil relaxation.

Nibbles & Tipples

Enjoy a traditional breakfast spread that floats across your infinity pool for you to indulge in; from fresh fruits and smoothies to local noodle and rice dishes. With 17 full-time staff including a private butler, chef and private chauffeur, your dining arrangements are never too big of an ask.

Catering to your every whim, enjoy divine cocktails pool-side as you look out over the glorious jungle setting. Or, take a chauffeured ride to the centre of Ubud where you're sure to discover a charming nightlife scene with its bohemian bars and swanky lounges.

God is in the details

Views? We're pretty sure Villa Cella Bella is the physical definition of the word. Panoramic vistas envelop your vision amid the delightful sounds of nature's inhabitants going about their daily lives. It is truly refreshing!


Bali - Indonesia

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