Your Ideal Holiday & Destination, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have been staying at home more than usual. We’ve entertained ourselves by binge watching every Netflix and Amazon Prime series there is, we’ve kept fit with home workouts and hundreds of nature walks, baked banana bread and made our own homemade face masks — not to mention, redecorating our homes too.

At this uncertain time, you may have found yourself turning to your horoscope and doing some deep astrological research.

As we’re starting to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel — with the fast rollout of the vaccines and lockdown restrictions beginning to ease — it’s time to start planning your future travels. Why not get a little creative and plan your travels based on your zodiac sign? This is a great way to understand your horoscope, all whilst searching for your perfect holiday adventure once this is all over! Whether you’re a fierce Leo or a spontaneous Gemini, begin your astrological adventure and discover where you should travel next based on your zodiac sign.

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18): Wildlife Adventure

Confident, curious and a rebel at heart, people born under the Aquarius sign are both independent and unique. Known as the 11th sign of the zodiac, within the air element, this year is the year for an adventurous wildlife escape. The perfect destinations for Aquarians to head to this year are somewhere off the beaten track, where they can explore vast landscapes and cultures, away from crowds and tourist traps. From discovering the Lost City of the Incas in Peru, otherwise known as Machu Picchu, to indulging in the dramatic landscapes and volcanoes in Iceland, escape to the incredible Sri Lanka and take in the diversity of landscape and wildlife to a level beyond compare.

Looking for a place to truly experience the untouched serenity of nature and wildlife? Be sure to visit Gal Oya Lodge. Imagine sleeping in the heart of a national park, surrounded by Mother Nature at her finest. Sri Lanka boasts one of the richest diversities of amphibians in the world, along with untouched natural habitats that have been protected and nurtured for generations. This unique eco-lodge is nestled within 20 acres of private jungle and is the perfect place for Aquarians to escape this 2021. From jeep safaris to mountain treks including bird watching tours and meeting the iconic indigenous Vedda tribe, you can also take a personalised boat safari, allowing you to discover wildlife from a whole new perspective. Not to mention, it could be your lucky day if you spot elephants bathing at the lake’s edge!

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20): Desert island paradise

A water sign that instantly adapts to their surroundings, the Pisces sign is the 12th sign of the zodiac and is represented by a pair of fish swimming in opposite directions, known for being more laid back than the other water signs such as Scorpio and Cancer. This year, the perfect escape for a Pisces is a place of solitude, peace and quiet – as they’re known for their big imaginations, so what better place to let your imagination wonder than on a desert island paradise? Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, and away from the toxicity of the daily grind, being the zodiac’s fish means the beach is your natural element, and being in a peaceful setting by the water is the perfect place to soothe and relax your mind, body and soul.

Think white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and lush vegetation… sound tempting? Escape to the pristine atoll of Dhaalu Atoll, indulge in the magnificence of the Maldives and experience a desert island paradise like no other at the enchanting Kandima Maldives. Perfect for families, a group of friends, a couple or solo travellers alike looking for an escape, the iridescent blue haven of this otherworldly paradise has something for everyone. Kandima Maldives is formed of everything from ocean villas and honeymoon suites, to 10 bars and restaurants to choose from. Whether you’re seeking aquatic island adventures or a holiday field with relaxation and wellbeing, an escape to this desert island paradise is the perfect holiday destination for Pisces this year.

Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19): City Break

Courageous, determined, passionate and a little impatient, boredom truly is the enemy of all those born under the Aries sign. As the first sign in the zodiac and within the fire element, Aries are continuously looking for something dynamic and fast-paced. Lounging around all day on the beach just isn’t enough to excite them! They need something bigger, better and more exciting. The perfect astronomical adventure for all Aries signs this year is a city break. A place where you can pack your schedule with a million different things to do and activities to keep you entertained and busy, all whilst indulging in the magnificent culture and architecture that surrounds you. It’s no wonder the saying “go big or go home” is so popular!

Well-known for its unbeatable architecture, displaying gothic facades next to quirky colourful buildings of the Modernistas, the aesthetic and unique atmosphere of Barcelona is everything you want from a Mediterranean city, and the perfect place for Aries to escape to this 2021. From months of endless sunshine and unbeatable traditional Catalan and Spanish cuisine, to a plethora of hidden gems to explore, be sure to discover the traditional rhythms of flamenco, with jazz coming out of hidden basements, indie-rock sounds at vintage music venues and explore Barcelona’s cheeky, wild side at some of their plush lounges in medieval chambers, clamorous cava bars and boisterous clubs – there’s no way you can get bored here! Situated in the gothic headquarters, be sure to stay and witness the trendy hotel of The Serras. This 28-room hotel is trendy portside luxury with glamorous views over Barcelona's harbour from The Serras’ rooftop pool and bar, El Sueño.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20): Luxury Escape

The notorious Earth sign represented by the bull, those born under the Taurus sign truly enjoy luxurious, serene and relaxing environments. Ruled by Venus, the magnificent planet that governs love, beauty and money, it comes as no surprise that Taureans would happily spend all day lounging around in luxury, soaking in a bathtub full of essential oils and bath salts, with a glass of wine or two. This year, they will thrive within a sophisticated and luxurious escape. From deluxe resorts to a five-star spa retreat, be sure to escape to South Africa’s magnificent Cape Town and discover the haven of effortless comfort that is WATERLINE.

Nestled beneath the iconic Chapman’s Peak and surrounding rural natural beauty of Cape Town, the self-reliant Waterline Villa takes pride of place on the dunes overlooking Noordhoek Beach with panoramic views of the sea and mountains. The abundance of space and privacy allows you to enjoy some serene time to unwind, reflect and absorb the positive energy from the tranquil minimalist setting – this is just the beginning of what makes this the perfect escape for all Taureans. If you’re looking for a little extra luxury, you also have the option of a professional chef and butler as part of your package. This can truly make the stay as relaxing as ever, alongside some superb fine dining. Adding the cherry on top of this luxurious escape, simply let WATERLINE know of your desires and they will organise an unforgettable day in the surrounding wine regions where you can indulge in an array of tantalising, centuries-old wine, as well as new boutique flavours. Does this sound luxurious enough for you Taureans?

Gemini (May 21 - Jun 20): Activities Holiday

A big kid at heart and super curious, Geminis belong to the Air element of the zodiac and love to seek thrills throughout their lives. However, as this sign is dominated by the twin constellation, those born under this sign are prone to change, especially when it comes to changing their minds! Therefore, it’s very important to seek an adventure that not only fits your dualistic and fluctuating nature, but something that also stimulates your brain. This year, we believe that after all that time of being stuck indoors due to these uncertain times, there’s nothing better than throwing yourself into an activities holiday. Whether that may be exploring the urban hotspots within cities or visiting some magnificent theme parks to unleash that inner child — how about indulging in a fantastic cycling holiday within the Zillertal Valley?

For those seeking an escape filled with activities, look no further. Located in the middle of Austria’s resort centre of Zell am Ziller, DasPosthotel couldn’t be placed in a more perfect location. From gorgeous green landscapes and cornfields in the summer to a popular ski resort in the winter, Zillertal has it all; with 4 ski regions, 125 km of cross-country trails, numerous ski tours spanning all difficulty levels, snowshoe hikes, several ice skating rinks, winter hiking paths, 14 of the best prepared toboggan runs, horse-drawn sleigh rides and ice climbing, this place is a true paradise for Geminis come summer or winter. DasPosthotel will help you put together your own personal program to cater to your desires. So whether you want to hike one day, horse ride the following day then take a cycle on a mountain bike excursion, the large selection of opportunities to choose from are perfect for all Geminis alike.

Cancer (Jun 21 - July 22): Beach Getaway

Born between the end of June and the end of July, Cancerians are a cardinal Water sign who prefer the slightly more laid-back way of life, being most comfortable within their shells and likely to feel at home wherever they are, whilst also being close to the water. Those born under the Cancer sign truly thrive and feel most at home when they are near beautiful beaches, rivers, waterfalls and glittering lakes. Not to mention, they’re also massive foodies! Creative, passionate, caring and intuitive, this zodiac sign is ruled by the Moon and really enjoys that ‘slow travel’ trend whilst indulging in an easy-going lifestyle. What better place to discover the perfect Cancerian adventure than escaping to a glittering beach getaway?

Imagine untouched white sand in between your toes, the smell of the fresh sea breeze and glorious panoramic views of the ocean taking your senses on a journey — escape to Tanzania this 2021 and discover your perfect beach getaway. With the white sands of Paje beach on your doorstep, Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa is the perfect place to indulge in your astrological holiday, Cancerians. The turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean prevail as a welcoming friend throughout the entirety of your stay, so here you really can enjoy the local carefree atmosphere. Dive into the crystalline depths of the sea, spend your day lounging on the serene beaches with a cocktail in hand, have a friendly chat with the native people who you may find gathering seaweed, making rope out of coconut fibres or building boats, and indulge in the tranquil ecosystem that surrounds you. Not forgetting, you can enjoy local Zanzibari flavours complemented by international accents at ‘Doors to Zanzibar’.

Sun, sea, food and relaxation, a place like Zanzibar White Sands truly is the perfect beach getaway for those born under the Cancer sign.

Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22): It’s All About The Glamour

The Kings and Queens of the Zodiac, Leos are not only ruled by the sun and belong to the Fire element, but there is a specific strength to this sign that highlights that ‘King of the jungle’ status they hold. It’s no wonder they light up any room they walk into! They’re dramatic, confident, elegant and fierce, the perfect astrological holiday for all those born within this lion sign is to embark on an adventure that brings out that bright light within you — whatever they decide to do, it always has to be in style. From five-star retreats in the Maldives to fashionably cool cities like Miami, we recommend all Leos to indulge in a luxurious retreat this 2021 to help recharge the fiery energy you have inside!

If you’re looking for a sense of complete luxury and even some year-sound sun, Dubai is your obvious choice. Filled with exquisite beaches, amazing shopping, incredible hospitality and ultra-modern architecture, pack your bags and escape to this glamorous playground to bask in the attention you desire. Discover an utterly luxurious stay at the Four Seasons Hotel DIFC and indulge in that sleek and sophisticated atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re part of a private members club. From its magnificent interior and lively Luna Sky Bar boasting five-star views over the striking Burj Khalifa, to the intimate haven of treatments on the spa’s menu, retreat to the slick, enclosed lap pool on the rooftop and enjoy the true meaning of glamour. This is not only the perfect retreat for Leos to show off, but it’s a place where you will be pampered like real royalty.

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22): Get Creative

The Earth sign that fits perfectly between Taurus and Capricorn, Virgos are known for their creativity and always pay attention to even the smallest of details within life. They’re ruled by Mercury, meaning they truly crave organisation and structure. Loyal, kind and hardworking, seeking goodness in life is the story of this zodiac sign. Since this goddess sign is mostly all work and no play, there’s nothing more fulfilling and stimulating for a Virgo’s mind than activating their imagination and getting creative.

This 2021, we highly recommend those born under this zodiac sign, to embark on a more creative and thought-provoking adventure. Whether that’s planning every day thoroughly in a city you’ve always wanted to go to, or diving deep into colourful reefs, if you’re open to learning something new this year, be sure to indulge in a crafty activity that will truly exhilarate you. Remember, Virgos never like to leave things to the last minute, especially when it comes to travel plans, so a well-organised trip is the perfect trip for them.

If you’re looking to go somewhere a little more ‘out of the way’ and somewhere more private, look no further than La Baye des Anges. This villa rental is nestled within France’s enchanting region of Provence and is the perfect place to capture the essence of slow living. With an ecological ethos threaded throughout, experience rustic Provencal charm at its finest and book in one of the owner’s creative workshops; from indigo fabric dyeing and eco-printing, to learning about the ancient Japanese techniques of Shibori and creating home-made maintenance products, step into Meilin’s studio and create your very own personalised cushion cover or tote bag. The intricate details and challenging process will not only get the creative mind running, but is also the perfect activity for Virgos to luxuriate in. Whatever your creative desire, Meilin will be happy to organise this with you in advance. So what are you waiting for?

Please note: any crafts involving dye would need to be carried out over a three-day minimum so if you book the villa for one week, this would be the perfect activity!

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22): Friends Weekend

Friends assemble! Something truly crucial about organising the perfect getaway for a Libra is to keep in mind that they like to share their experiences with others. Due to partnership being a very important aspect of their lives, those born under this Air sign truly thrive when they’re around friends and family, enabling them to feel comfortable and balanced. The planet ruling the sign of Libra is Venus, meaning that those born between 23rd September and 22nd October need their lives to be embellished with beauty, such as music, art and exploring beautiful places with loved ones. We wouldn’t recommend any solo trips for you Libras out there! It’s not as important about where you are, it’s about what beauty surrounds you and who you’re sharing those experiences with.

If you’re looking for the perfect week or weekend getaway with your friends, look no further than casaFantini/lake time. Whilst booking out entire villas with friends and family has been a popular choice when it comes to group holidays, it’s become more popular than ever due to the safety of staying within your own bubble during these uncertain times. Did we mention that some smaller hotels have now joined in with this trend too? Offering glittering views over Lake Orta and the enchanting San Giulio Island, indulge in this private and peaceful atmosphere for you and your friends to enjoy this 2021. From exclusive access to the heated outdoor pool to personalised dishes prepared by the in-house Chef, there’s no better place for a Libra to indulge in the perfect friends weekend than at Casa Fantini.

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21): Yoga Retreat

Truly adventurous, passionate and a little intense, Scorpios are complete opposites to Libras — they don’t need to be around other people to have a good time. They’re already fulfilled by the magnificence of their own minds and are arguably the most mysterious sign of them all. Pluto is the ruler of this Water zodiac sign, known for their regenerative and artistic behaviours. This year, we recommend sending all Scorpios off to a yoga or meditation retreat to help rejuvenate their minds, bodies and souls, whilst indulging in expressing their inner emotions. Whilst we believe that yoga and meditation is a path that helps lead us to our true selves, there’s no better place to discover your inner zen and free yourself from any stress and negative energy you may hold than in Mexico’s awe-inspiring Tulum.

Hidden away in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, discover your perfect astrological retreat at the tropical sanctuary of Jashita Tulum. This enchanting eco-retreat is nestled above the jungle treetops overlooking the glittering waters of Soliman Bay, surrounded by white sand beaches and lush green tropical forests — it’s the perfect revitalising mix for all Scorpios alike. Close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore, feel the fresh Caribbean sea breeze sweeping through your hair, and indulge in the calm atmosphere that surrounds you. Step into the hotel’s Caoba Spa & Yoga Studio and begin your rejuvenation journey through the mind, body and soul with the symbolic sun salutation, Surya Namaskara. Tap into all of your senses through ancient meditation and body movement, strengthen your mind and body equilibrium and begin to feel positive energy move swiftly through your body. Jashita Tulum is a place of relaxation.

Scorpios what are you waiting for? This yoga retreat is exactly what you need after the year we’ve had!

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21): Road Trip

Born to be wild…

Curious, energetic and natural hunters, Sagittarius’ are the true travellers of the zodiac. Leaders of the pack and natural explorers who take any opportunity to embark on an adventure, this Fire sign loves to travel as much as possible — freedom is their greatest prized possession. It’s very important and fulfilling for those born under this powerful and spirited sign to explore different cultures and philosophies around the world. Whilst the ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac, there are no limits to what this sign will want to discover. Those of you who fall under this centaur zodiac would best benefit from chasing your own freedom through the wild and embarking on the most spontaneous road trip adventure that your heart desires — whether by boat, car, caravan, bicycle, or even horseback if you dare!

From the highest tip of the Dolomites mountains to the colourful houses nestled within the Amalfi Coast, why not take on the opportunity to explore the magnificence of Italy and begin your journey with no limits, through a road trip? Indulge in the romantic atmosphere that radiates within the region of Umbria and revel in its peaceful landscapes and harmonious architecture; discover the place where beauty originated, Florence, and explore its perfect blend of art, history, culture and craftsmanship; drive through the lush green vineyard-covered hills of Tuscany and tantalise your tastebuds with its delicious local wines and foods; fall in love with the city of fashion, Milan, and indulge in the different vibrations this trend-setting, yet historical city has to offer.

With so many places to visit and explore within this magnificent European country, we put together the perfect road trip in Italy for all you Sagittarians to take inspiration from. Please find it here.

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19): Hiking Adventure

Capricorn is an Earth sign, part of the Taurus and Virgo trio, centred wholly on nature. The masters of self-control, the responsible, determined and practical signs of the zodiac, Capricorns always have a full itinerary when it comes to travel planning, since lounging around doesn’t always suit them. They don’t mind whether they’re travelling alone or in a group, but they always love a bit of a challenge and need their holidays to have some kind of purpose, one way or another. When it comes to organising the perfect adventure for this Earth sign, you never really need to look much further than your zodiac sign to tell you where to go. From wandering through postcard-perfect villages to indulging in fresh alpine air, follow the path of the mountain goat and discover the perfect nature hike through the Himalayas.

Nestled in the trees, 1600m above sea level, The Kumaon is the perfect escapist stay for Capricorns. Surrounded by surreal frames of forests, terraces and magnificent mountain peaks, this beautiful Himalayan paradise has everything you can ever dream about. There’s a huge range of activities for you to embark on this 2021. From the Kasar Devi Round Trip hike, which will take you through to the enchanting magnetism of the Nanda Devi temple, an ancient temple dedicated to the Goddess Durga, where you can indulge in the magical mysticism that reigns across the region, to exploring the historical tiger reserves by jeep safari, an adventure with The Kumaon will truly allow you to get a taste of the magnificent Kumaoni culture, keeping that itinerary full and busy! Not only will you be able to disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and find yourself in complete serenity, but the glittering waterfall and Balta village hikes will truly challenge that inner Capricorn.

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