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Villa Ducale

Taormina, Italy

Set in an aristocratic Sicilian villa, Hotel Villa Ducale is a real gem in the heart of the enchanting Taormina. Just relax and get prepared for an unforgettable experience.

Sicilian Sweet Life

Close your eyes and imagine the deep blue Mediterranean sea; listen to the sounds of an uncontaminated nature and enjoy the scent of fresh lemons and oranges. No, it’s not a dream. It’s Hotel Villa Ducale.

The Location

Located in the upper part of Taormina, Hotel Villa Ducale benefits from an extremely favourable position, just a few minutes from the historical centre yet offering stunning panoramas and the tranquillity we all need.

The Rooms

Luxury double rooms and suites with authentic antique furniture, exclusive Sicilian fabrics and, private balconies with sea and coastline views - do you already feel like an aristocrat?

Nibbles & Tipples

No commitments at 6pm, please. It’s Sunset Cocktail time! Tasty appetizers, creative drinks and a charming panoramic terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea - definitely no better way to celebrate another amazing day in Taormina!

A new day has just begun. And a rich breakfast buffet with homemade Sicilian specialities is already waiting for us. Good morning!

God is in the details

Open the window and be fascinated by outstanding views of the vast Mediterranean sea and the majestic Mount Etna.


Via Leonardo da Vinci, 60
Taormina - Italy

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