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Carducci 76

Emilia Romagna, Italy

A Victorian seaside mansion has been reinvented as a whitewashed, barefoot plantation house with an ethnic edge by the brother of fashion legend Alberta Ferretti.

Modern Italian Oasis

Carducci 76 is an exercise in decorative restraint, compositions of strategically-placed Asian details, old black-and-white photos from Indochine and Siam, Indian cushions, tribal sculptures and Japanese artefacts. A mix of ethno-objects and minimalism, rarely executed with such quality and flair.

The Location

On the beach, in the seaside town of Cattolica, on the less frequented North East Coast of Italy, Carducci 76 has the benefit of a layering of outdoor spaces, that allow it to operate as its own little world, away from the masses that Cattolica attracts in the summer. It is an oasis of sophisticated modernity and cool contemporary lifestyle in a beach town, not really known for either.

The Rooms

The rooms are all different in size and configuration but they are united by a design scheme of dark timbers, white walls, and natural textures. It is easy to tell that there is a fashion influence at work here.

Nibbles & Tipples

76 is a fantasy inspired by 'yali', the elegant wooden villas that line the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The restaurant is designed to tempt you with fusion food such as delicately fried tofu served with prawns and baby octopus.

From the salon, bar, restaurant and from the rooms facing the sea, the view is of a very busy beach on the Adriatic sea. From the other spaces in the hotel, the view is of the enchanting private courtyard's garden.

God is in the details


Via Giosuè Carducci, 76
Emilia Romagna - Italy

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