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Welcome to our travel-inspired edits! With our expertise and pure love for all things travel, we’ve carefully crafted an array of articles covering some HIP tips and recommendations for your next getaway, including top hangouts, the trendiest stays and must-go locations, as well as insider stories from our very own collection.

Owner's Stories // February 2020

El Gran Sueño

El Gran Sueño, which literally translated means ‘the big dream’, has been a labour of love for Dave Haxby and his partner Javier since 2012. Discover how this beautiful house became an elegant boutique hotel.

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Owner's Stories // January 2020

Heritage Avenida Liberdade

What was once an 18th century townhouse has now been thoughtfully transformed into one of Lisbon’s finest boutique hotels. Set on the city’s most exclusive shopping boulevard of the same name, discover how two brothers founded the Lisbon Heritage Collection.

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Owner's Stories // January 2020

La Baye des Anges

They say time is an artist, and in the case of La Baye des Anges, time has provided the most spectacular canvas upon which to paint. Once an abandoned ruin, this reformed Provençal farmhouse has been beautifully restored by owners Meilin and Christophe, into the idyllic retreat it is today.

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Hotel Muchele

Owner's Stories // 19 Dec 2019

Tugu Hotels

Owner's Stories // 21 Nov 2019

The Siam

Owner's Stories // 01 Nov 2019

Seehof Nature Retreat

Owner's Stories // 08 Oct 2019

Los Poblanos

Owner's Stories // 17 Sep 2019

Pepoli 9

Owner's Stories // 29 Aug 2019

The Serras

Owner's Stories // 08 Jul 2019

18 Micon Str.

Owner's Stories // 06 Jun 2019

Huus Gstaad

Owner's Stories // 07 May 2019

Eastwest Hotel

Owner's Stories // 23 Apr 2019

Seehotel Ambach

Owner's Stories // 11 Apr 2019

The Dunstane Houses

Owner's Stories // 08 Apr 2019

Gal Oya Lodge

Owner's Stories // 27 Mar 2019

Palazzo Segreti

Owner's Stories // 22 Mar 2019

Casale San Pietro

Owner's Stories // 05 Mar 2019

Casa Turquesa Maison D´Hôtes

Owner's Stories // 25 Feb 2019

Casa Chameleon Las Catalinas

Owner's Stories // 20 Feb 2019

Villa Spalletti Trivelli

Owner's Stories // 08 Feb 2019

A Curious Group of Hotels

Owner's Stories // 14 Dec 2018

Masseria Susafa

Owner's Stories // 05 Dec 2018

Casa Fantini / Lake Time

Owner's Stories // 04 Dec 2018


Owner's Stories // 04 Dec 2018

Casa Angelina

Owner's Stories // 04 Dec 2018